Dollhous in scale 1:12

The new Dollhouse

After doing a couple of smaller installations such as the wall clock, the radio and the bread jar, I realized that it was time to take out my old dollhouse things again and get a house again.

I was lucky enough to buy this nice building and a lot of furniture and things also came with it.

It was in Ljungsbro so I could pick it up.

The Facade

This is what it looks like with the facade closed. I have switched on lights, many lamps came with and I have got more. Electricity was not drawn.

A look into the house

This is what it looks like with open "doors".

It is very cozy in the evening to see how it shines in the windows when they are closed and it is dark outside.

A moving target.

The pictures I show here may reflect what it has looked like, not necessarily what it looks like today.

I change and add most all the time right now but one day I might think that's enough.

Fun to refurnish and try and think it is in any case ....

I have updated the pictures at 28 september 2020

You can click on the pictures to see a larger picture.

Fire place flutter

Had probably hoped that the flashing red light would be a little more "fluttering".

The oven is in Lundby scale but it seems to be difficult nowadays to find tiled stoves.


Here are some of the genealogies I have in my bedroom.

The little paintings are on me, my dad, grandpa and grandpa's dad.

The picture on the right is of my big sister, mother, grandmother and grandmother's mother.

On the shelf below are pictures of my daughters as children and on the shelf under an old picture of us three siblings.

More relatives
More relatives
Denna har sin givna plats, pappa pratade alltid om att han som ligen hade bott vid kyrkan i bakgrunden.
Många porträtt är nu färdiga, behöver fler på mammas sida.

Old pictures of relatives

House inspection on Dockhusvägen 1

Remade film since the tiled stove was added.

Now with narration.

From 2020-07-25

Miniatyrer och modeller

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