Display Cabinet

Mini exhibition

When I thought it was a bit boring not to have some things in front of me, I got a display cabinet.

Here it is probably not the intention more than that it should be a storage and display and I did not intend to do

something more of it.

But it's the same here, it's a moving target, because I do not have the space, or the advice, or the convenience

there will be no train track but I am eager to perhaps draw light into the houses.

Two houses on the wrong scale will be removed, there are two new ones in progress.

That said, a moving target ....

Christmas village

Is of two different brands.

For Christmas, I have the houses lit but also pick out even more houses on a smaller scale.
Lidl, Jysk and other stores sometimes have the good taste to sell such housesfor Christmas

Old toys

A lifelong collection has not achieved more than this!

To my surprise, old sheet metal trains were not at all expensive when I bought them in the 70's. Even today, prices are low.

But they are nice, albeit a little worn.

Old train line

Fleishman N-skalan.

It is a pity and a shame that there was never a real train track, but a few times I have started and had to pick up for (admittedly voluntary) moving to another place.

But now it does not have to be forgotten and hidden in different boxes in any case .....


Pictures from the display cabinet.

Miniatyrer och modeller

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