A little background

A little about what I previously collected.

Over the years, I have collected things on a small scale, but for many years they have mostly been unpacked.

I have always set up a case of miniatures anyway. Be a bit into unpacking it too, how often do you stand up and look at things really?

But now I have probably woken up again and at least got a display cabinet so that things do not have to be in boxes!

Ornamental minitures

Things that only exist because they are small, sweet or unique and also fit in a so-called case  from old print shops.

They are a bit without coherence, unlike if you have them in an environment in a dollhouse, but there you can mix well.

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Old toys

For a while I thought it was fun to find old toys, both in sheet metal and in other materials. Much because it surprised me that most of the prices were so low. At least when, like me, you did not collect for the value.

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Christmas villages

For a while I also fell for all the small houses that are available around Christmas to buy in some shops. I put them out for Christmas and a little everywhere it shines from cottage windows in a winter environment.

On the other hand, I leave a slightly larger scale in my display cabinet all year round, they are not in the way there and I do not have to take them out and unpack them every Christmas.

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Yes, I used Google to translate......

The old train track

It has had to come out of hiding so that I can at least look at them. It may be that I draw light into the houses and maybe street lamps and car lighting.

Maybe sometime.


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Miniatyrer och modeller

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