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Charlie Mattsson

Old noncense


Miniature Lover

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fond of miniatures, both model trains and small-scale things that look like ordinary objects.

I do not know why really, maybe because as a child I had the privilege to visit Blomstergården in Blekinge a few times on holiday trips. An absolutely wonderful garden but mini house and thorn rose castle and also a fantastic exhibition A Thousand and One Nights.

Or that one Christmas I got a train track, Fleishman scale H0 as a Christmas present ...

I have later in a couple of rounds made attempts to start up the railway in the N scale, but for various reasons, such as moving, I have not built any real facility and for many years everything has been unpacked ...

But I have always had an interest in miniatures and what better way than to insert them in a suitable environment, such as a dollhouse, so that they come into their own.

Miniatyrer och modeller

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